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Monday, 31 August 2009

Pattaya’s Finest.

Went out for dinner last Friday evening to a local roadside Issan Restaurant. I think we have frequented it regularly on a monthly basic for the last 5-6 years. And it must be about 4 years ago that on one visit, we had parked up and just as we sat down a motor biker ran straight into the back of my car. He when straight up and over the top and made a real mess of himself sprawled out over the road. Needless to say “rent a crowd’ arrived within seconds. Made for a very unpleasant evening and I now have a lingering set of memories as he died a few days later from the injuries. He left behind a young family, and to this day I still don't know his name. I think I was so very lucky not to have been in the car at the time. Had I been, it would have been my fault for sure. As it was there was enough discussion over the following month with the police about insurance, consideration payment to the family etc. I’m pleased to say it all got sorted out properly with the insurance paying up. And worth mentioning that in spite of all the bad press and comments we hear almost on a daily basis against the Thai police they did in this instance, a really good and fair job.
What reminded me of this incident, apart the obvious that I was at the same restaurant, was the presence this evening again of the Police. Whilst sitting and eating we watched them arrive and park up adjacent to us. And also across the road from us were another group of them where they proceeded to set up road blocks.
One thing I have observed about Thai Police. Always very smartly dressed and their shirts always fit so well never mind the shape underneath….
They were clearly setting up to do checks on bike licenses and ensuring all riders were wearing safety hats. No license comes with a fine, no hat comes with a fine and probably no road tax or insurance also comes with a fine. For your information road tax for a small motor bike is 101 Baht and insurance runs at about 350 Baht per year. Not drastic amounts. Although I am not to sure what you actually get for your insurance.
And it's good in some ways to see the Police doing the checks. I’m not saying I never ride without a hat!! I do most of the time, but not all the time. Now it is getting a lot stricter with more and more checking.
In any event, it seems like a good chance to get some Police footage. Especially for me sitting in the comfort for a restaurant table! Had a road side chat and front row viewing.


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