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Friday, 4 September 2009

Thai Roadside Moment

Its been a busy week at work, time has flown by. We also moved accommodation out from our Condo to a house, that was on Tuesday. All time consuming. So I’ve had little time to do anything in the way of photos or videos. However as always I keep the camera ready for that ‘famous’ moment when somehow I’ll capture the world scoop which everybody dreams about. I don’t know maybe a bank robbery in action or aliens landing.
Well far from that I was stuck at some traffic lights the other day and did a quick clip of a roadside flower seller. Nothing remarkable in that, in fact not even a good clip. I’d taken it through the car window, no planning or particular thought went into it. Just pressed the button. Except that is, when I looked over the clip it had so much ‘Typical Thai Scene’ in it that it was difficult to ignore. Firstly the seller himself, or is he actually a She? Even that I am not sure. So covered up to protect from the sun and avoid the sunshine and the possibility of going brown. The beautiful flowers themselves are from Jasmine trees offering a wonderful smell and bright colour. They give a real feel good factor to the day. They are sold by ‘he or she’ to passing cars, trucks and buses etc. Then once purchased they get hung on the rear view mirror. Wonderful fresh and clean smell. They also have some good luck/religious significance. They last about 1-2 days then of course you buy another one.. Any and all traffic light places will be selling them!!!!


I mentioned ‘Typical Thai Scene’. Look at the clip. There are people crossing the lights on motor bikes, always motorbikes and always some pickups. Add in the background of numerous Thai National Flags, the wonderfully kaleidoscope coloured buses waiting on the green light and big advertising hoardings. A complete and instant ‘Thai Roadside Moment’.
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