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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

We've moved…

We've moved from our Condo into Owens house last week. Need to sort out our few bits and pieces. Not a lot but deciding where to put them is important.

No sooner had we arrived than we had visitors. Bar B Q started as soon as we moved in. Our Friend T and his Mother came along with his son and a few more to make up the numbers. We were a bit worried about all the cooking but no need to have worried. They turned up with all the food and even brought cooked rice and crushed chilies. Easiest Bar B Q to date!!! Hope we have many more like it.


Having moved we were faced with a major problem. No TV. What to do? You know its easy to say go buy a new one. Sure we looked. DO you know the differences between an LED, LCD and plasma screen add in HD and HD compatible or HD ready followed by number of pixels and refresher time etc, etc and it is easy to get quite a headache. If your not sure try going to a few shops one after the other and make a decision. Its hard. Anyway we made one. After much deliberation and several visits to each shop we made a decision. What did we decide on? Very good question! I think it is an LCD or hang on? Was it a Plasma? I’ll check when I get home this evening. Which ever it is, the picture last night was excellent. This makes me think I’m not sure how many posting you’ll be getting over the next few days as I’ll be glued to the flat screen.

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