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"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new." Dalai Lama

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Restaurant Down The Road

Decided on a quiet weekend and planned on doing very little. And managed it !!!!!

It was hot and sticky and threatening to rain. We have had high winds and very heavy rain all last week. So much so that at work, the access from shore to our jetty construction site was closed down for 3 days this week. Makes construction progress very slow and sitting around waiting is probably one of the worst things. For me that is a given.

Horrible conditions and in a way I find it quite depressing. I'm in the sunny tropics not the north sea coast.

I might add we were still waiting on electrical connection to our house so there was nothing much we could do in that area either. More frustration. No point buying stuff before the guys come down on Wednesday to start the refurbishment.

So Sunday arrived. Saw us both quite lethargic and we settled for a short drive along the coast to find somewhere for breakfast/lunch with teh planof returning home straight afterwards. It had been threatening rain again on my day off even as we left the Condo.

Anyway we decided to make a go of it. Off we went for a very short trip. We only went about 20 kilometers along the coast. Few people around. We found a spot. We opted for a very local shack/hut/shelter/Restaurant/Road side Cafe offering some fabulous smelling dishes. We settled on a soup of Pork and veggies with a wonderful aroma of coriander and other herbs, that was to share then we had "Hoi Tod"  Deep fried mussels with pancake wrap stirfried with fresh vegetables and water cress. Talk about tasty. One of the best dishes I've had for ages. Wanna seemed to know what all the bits were. I just sat back and enjoyed eating it all. I made a mental note to remind myself to get back into cooking once we move from the condo !!!! A silent reminder in case I have committed myself to doing the real cooking....

Anyway food was absolutely excellent. And I will be going back there again on the next rainy Sunday.

I took a few photos and then went outside and did a full 306 deg movie. Movie really to show hte surroundings.


The shop was on a side street and was in so many ways a typical Thai "spot". Nothing special. All the usual stuff. Dogs, motor bikes, houses open to the road. Everybody living on top of each other etc etc.

And I've no idea who is the guy reading the newpaper !!!!  And across the road was a shop selling Thai deserts/sweets.  Looked very colourful.

Then home for an afternoon relaxing.... Hopefully the rain stops soon. I'm beginning to get very fed up with it all.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Rayong - House Progress Status Report No 2

I'm not going to crowd my Blog with posts only about our house but now I've started posting the first a few days back I need to add a follow up.  This one started I made yesterday, and it is a record the location and developments going on. I do plan on doing some separate ones on the developments going on around us as things move so fast and have almost immediate impact on us as well as the other owners.

Well I there yesterday after work. Busy getting the water main sorted out. Good photo opportunity. These guys are quite amazing. Turn up do the job and then leave. No messing with road signs or diversions/lights etc. Just park in next house, jutting the trailer out onto the road. unload the digger and proceed with the works. This is a hole being dug on the main road. So refreshing to just get the job done. I know later we will need to add in some backfill because it is not compacted in any way except for running the digger over it. Once only on his way out !!!


It is now about 2 months sine we fist put down a deposit and later this week, maybe even as I am writing, we'll finally get water and electricity connected. Water this evening. Progress ! Been a slow process especially for Thailand where things happen almost before you think about them !!!. Anyway its happening.

The other residents.    The block where we are has about 20 house units. (I had planned to count them but ... ) The immediate couple of houses adjacent us are totally derelict and then further down the other way there is the I-Talay Guest House.  Comprising 2 units which have been converted into one big guest house with about 8 rooms. Very nicely done I might say as we had a good nose around a few weeks back ! They have even cleared up some of the beach front across from them. 

But if you do click their web page do not believe the Item No 3 on Home page. See Below

ย่านนี้เหมาะสำหรับ / This area is ideal for
  1. การเที่ยวชมทิวทัศน์ (Sightseeing Tours)
  2. การพักผ่อนริมชายหาด (Beach vacation)
  3. การออกไปลิ้มชิมรสอาหารทะเล (Taking away the taste of seafood.)

The sea food tastes very good !

Well last week they started on the two adjacent properties adding it into theirs. Same external colouring and I suspect some imaginative floor planning on the inside. Also two other of the houses along the block are being cleaned and repainted. I suspect soon 70-80% of them will be refurbished leaving the "die-hards" not bothering. These will either remain looking rubbish, or more probably (so I hope) get sold on to someone with a bit of cash and imagination who can see some potential. All good news for us as ours can only appreciate... 

Then look forward to getting the beach side cleaned up and its going to be a good spot.

Interesting to see if anyone approaches us as we start work on the facade etc to see if we want to sell.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Rayong - House Progress Status Report No 1

Mentioned in an earlier post that we had bought a house on the beach in Rayong. Going to run a few videos on it as we progress. Decided this late today so here is first effort.  I do also have earlier photos so some street views to follow.
Its not much to look at just now but to give you some idea.  It is on the road next to the beach. Not a busy road I might add. House is set back 5 meters from the road. Its 15 meters deep and 5 wide. It has 3 floors and a concrete roof which also has a spare bedroom complete with its own concrete roof. Ideal place for a water tank, solar cells etc... Roof space is planned as aquaponics area.. If you want to see that you need to follow the videos. So far all we have done is chase the Electricity corporation and water company. Electricity told us before we get a meter we need to have a proper consumer board and earth. Well to do that we had to get in a couple of electricians who "jumped" the meter location so they could get it all organized for us. All done and evidence removed. Meter due in on Monday !!!! Now to chase up the water people....
5 man building team due down from Khon Kaen next week. So we must have water....


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Rayong Street Food

We stopped off for some food the other day.  Quick lunch. Located on one of the corners on the route to work is a small shop/stall selling meals. Though we would give it a try. All fairly basis Thai food but delicious. Just choose form about 8 per cooked dishes. Site down and eat. Wash down with water or a cold beer. Had boiled eggs, pork and curried bamboo. Delicious. Not much of a shop to look at and if on holiday you would not stop here. I am sure you would just pass it by thinking that does not look so good,  but it was clean, friendly, the food tasted good and was cheap. And no repercussions......

Looking into the shop

Making a choice....

Still making a choice.....

And again........

Warning  This is not whiskey.  Its normal ordinary 95 octane petrol which is sold to local bikers riding by.... So many people here use a motorbike for transport. So good business opportunity.

The "Restaurant"

Street Life

Street Life

Street Life

Take a seat....

Street Life



Rayong Strange Weather

We've had strange weather recently. Some successively heavy down pours and high winds.
This morning coming to work I saw a small "tornado". At lease that is what it looked like to me. Difficult to photo and it was some way off. It reached from the clouds to the sea. Very impressive. Not just me impressed, but quite a few people parked my near me to take some photos as well.  I've done my best with a quick edit to let you see what I'm talking about. This is the third time I've seen such a thing in Map Ta Phut. I know in NW Australia they are quire common and called "willy willies" And aboriginal name for them. Here there are called PAH-YU MUN "พายุหมุน".

Monday, 8 June 2015

Rayong happenings

Keep meaning to write and keep you all up to date on things happening here in Thailand. I think from the above picture of a dog relaxing you might realise I have not been doing to much. Been living his sort of relaxed life style for a few weeks now. Not even any bike rides for a few weeks, nor trips up north. Just been busy with daily life and enjoyed a few dinners and time on the beach.

Took a few more photos on way to work. Its great every morning to pass by lots of fishing boats. Also Wanna has now found her way round the local markets and mussels, shrimps and other assorted fresh sea foods are not the order of the day.

I think I mentioned we are moving in a month or so into a new (read old 20 years old) house we just bought on the beach front. It is our plan to do lot more home cooking and for me to learn better the Thai cooking techniques. Hopefully we can enjoy the fruits of our labour on the beach opposite !!!! Will also be getting back to making bread, lasagnas etc. So exciting times ahead.

 Yesterday we were on the beach and watched Paragliding. I had a chance to talk to the guys and good news.  There is a club here in Rayong... I'm going to get some lessons. I don;t like heights but this looks fun and although you'll all say no its dangerous I am not so sure.
Seems you are held up in the sky on a parachute. The engine and kit only weights in at about 30 kilos. Main problem for me is not being fit enough and having passed the ripe age of 60+ not sure I can get a full licence to go play on these things.