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Monday, 8 June 2015

Rayong happenings

Keep meaning to write and keep you all up to date on things happening here in Thailand. I think from the above picture of a dog relaxing you might realise I have not been doing to much. Been living his sort of relaxed life style for a few weeks now. Not even any bike rides for a few weeks, nor trips up north. Just been busy with daily life and enjoyed a few dinners and time on the beach.

Took a few more photos on way to work. Its great every morning to pass by lots of fishing boats. Also Wanna has now found her way round the local markets and mussels, shrimps and other assorted fresh sea foods are not the order of the day.

I think I mentioned we are moving in a month or so into a new (read old 20 years old) house we just bought on the beach front. It is our plan to do lot more home cooking and for me to learn better the Thai cooking techniques. Hopefully we can enjoy the fruits of our labour on the beach opposite !!!! Will also be getting back to making bread, lasagnas etc. So exciting times ahead.

 Yesterday we were on the beach and watched Paragliding. I had a chance to talk to the guys and good news.  There is a club here in Rayong... I'm going to get some lessons. I don;t like heights but this looks fun and although you'll all say no its dangerous I am not so sure.
Seems you are held up in the sky on a parachute. The engine and kit only weights in at about 30 kilos. Main problem for me is not being fit enough and having passed the ripe age of 60+ not sure I can get a full licence to go play on these things.

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