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"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new." Dalai Lama

Saturday, 15 November 2014

New Bike and small Harleys....

Having just mentioned my new bike.  I had to have a smile yesterday while passing a motorbike repair shop.  I like the small sticker on the back....Harley Davidson indeed....

Friday, 14 November 2014

Back in Thailand

What a ride.  Since leaving Atyrau we have been to UK, Seychelles and now back in my old job at Map Ta Phut.

I’ll give a brief summary of events in the passing few months. Yes, two months passed since posting.
End of August, actually 25th saw me depart Kazakhstan. Abet with mixed emotions. It was fun, working 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off gave me plenty of leave and a good salary. Added perk was the free travel. However the chance to come back and work in Thailand and be home in the evenings was a great draw. And it awon.
First stop after Atyrau was London. Called in to see the girls and then up to Thetford to see the olds. I’d hired a car which makes for a very easy life rather than waiting on buses and tubes etc, especially as I was lugging my guitar, a heavy suitcase and odds and ends. It’s not till you start using public transport you realize just how much rubbish you carry around with you on these trips. If I was residing in London that’s a different matter.
So I had a week up and around Norfolk and then off to Seychelles.
Lovely beach as always.

Sarah’s wedding planned for the 20th September. Big day for her and indeed for me. Although for me easy, I only had to turn up and walk her down the aisle and do a speech. But preparing the speech took some doing. Needed to cover all bases and make sure at the same time I did not make it to long… Bit daunting but it was well received.  All in all the wedding was fantastic.  I gave it 11/10.  We even did a practice run the day before.

Then the real deal.................

Old Man giving his speach
We did while in Seychelles spend 2 weeks on La Digue. I do love it there. Relaxed, bar b q on beach, fly fishing, biking, back to the simple life. Had some quiet evenings and a Bar B Q with friends. Limited internet at the café only, and  no TV…. Wonderful.
And I found time for a lodge meeting. Now I’m back in my old stomping ground of Map Ta Phut. Thinking about it I must have worked here, on and off for a total of about 5 years. Long time but its good looking round and seeing the various project all up and running. I can think, yes I was a part of that. More importantly I’ve met several people whom I worked with during the course of these times. All seem to be doing well and enjoying life.
Let’s hope for this current project it wil continue and I’ll be able to say the same.
Oh yes. Bought myself a new bike so should be adding road trip photos in due course. (Next Blog post). Plan to try and keep a really good record of costs and see what it works out at Baht/kilometer. Interested then check my link to page the bolt.
Enough ramblings, but now you know I’m back….

I've added as "Spread Sheet on Bolt" in another page called Bolt ( I know original 1) in which I intend to keep going the running costs ...meanwhile the wife rides on.....

950cc of Raw power...
The Boss