A wise man once said....

"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new." Dalai Lama

Sunday, 31 January 2010

New Three Wheeler

Great excitement. Owen bought a new 3 wheeler bike. Well actually he bought a two wheeled scooter and then a local addition caller a 'Saling' which is a sort of Thai word meaning 3 wheels.  The scooter is automatic which makes for easy control in the local traffic, Add on the side car and you can take the whole family out for the day. Most we've seen on one to date was 12 persons! 
It was mainly kids but still a lot of people.
So a few stories of trips on the big bike will follow in this Blog....
Last photo shows we have already been out clubbing. Its not a great puller for sure......

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Koh Chang

Spent a very pleasent weekend with Dad, Gulshen, Owen and Wanna over at Koh Chang. Been at least a year since we last visited and it has developed so much. Disappearing are all the little guest houses, being replaced by huge concrete hotels and 'spa' type establishments. Sad but in some ways a good thing especially for locals. Clearly there is a lot more money about than before.
We stayed in a newish place with an infinity pool and the water was warm... The pool had to be good as there was no beach front, just rocks. It was a lovely stay and really a great way to relax.

We took the ferry across on the Saturday morning and returned Sunday evening. Not long just over night, but as always going to islands there is the feeling of getting away from everything. And so it was for us.
We swam, ate, drank and did a little sight seeing.  So relaxing I forgot to take many photos..

Monday, 18 January 2010

Great Weekend

Lazy weekend. There was a polo match going on about 1 kilometer way from the house. Could not be bothered to go. Sat around at home and cleaned up my aquaponic system and generally did very little. Did pop down to the shops and noticed for once just how many electric cables there were crossing the road, signs and general in your face stuff and this at a small out of the way little junction. Also noticed parked up a small motor bike. Lovely colours. That it, back to being lazy and enjoying lunch with Wanna. Till next time.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Weekend Fishing And Relaxing

It was Charlies Birthday on Friday and we decided to spend the time at our farm in Khon Kaen. Friday afternoon saw saw us driving up with stop on the way at Kabin Buri for a cup of coffee. Good trip up. The evening saw us enjoying ourseles with plenty of food and drink. With only one bedroom at the place Wanna and I camped out on the lawn. All very good fun. Plenty of snoring!!!! But the sunrise on the Saturday was exceptional.
Saturday was an event packed day with fishing and motorbike riding. We got Owen riding on a 'song thow' which is a locally adapted three wheeler bike. He gave us a trip round the village. This followed by a crash course in Thai cooking for Charlie at a local restaurant. Managed to have a quick look at a local golf club and also a beautful Thai house/restaurant complex. All topped off with a few beers and then back to the farm for some fishing.
Sunday saw us back to Pattaya ready for work Monday morning... Enough said.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Good Food Guide - The Start.....

We decided mainly for Charlies, benifit to go out to a local restaurant and have ourselves an evening meal. I say we went out mainly for Charlies benifit as he wanted to stand by the chef and note down all the cooking techniques, ingredients etc as she made up the dishes.
Owen was helping choose the type of thai stuff they eat back home. We though this a good idea. And also it gave Charlie a better sense of being prepared before standing next to the 'Lady with the Wok'!
Howcver it was not to be so esay. Things never are inspite of all the forward planning. The lady cook had got ahead of us and already prepared the main ingredients for the evening. Chopped onions, chillies, spices etc.  It was clever on her part so that on receiving each order the dishes were completed in a matter of seconds.
Poor Charlie, he ended up with almost a fully blank receipe book! But a full stomach.

We've promised him another chance up at Khon Kaen next weekend where there will be more time and he can enjoy it much more.
The food we ordered was excellent, and by that I mean absolutely fabulous. Full range of flavours and wide selection of Thai herbs etc. I only took a few shots of us and one shot of the first food dish before the camera battery went flat. But look at the food a fabulous red chicken curry.

Great evening. Thai food seems to go from excellent to even more excellent...

Monday, 4 January 2010

The Beauty Of Nature

We've been growing lots of orchids and other exotic plants etc in the garden. But yesterday one special plant caught my eye. Its not an orchid but more a sort of small pinapple type plant.
The colours were magnificent. I've attached a few shots but they really do not do it justice. However I do have a feeling that seeing and pondering over such a beautiful flower can only be good omen for 2010.

Fishing Pattaya

Had a really great day out at one of the local fish pond. Pattaya is full of fish ponds which cater for visitors. The businesses provide well stocked fishing facilities, provision of tackle and bait, also attendant service to help with casting and of course as these places are in Thailand there is food. Always food and drink available to make the occasiona a special one.
We had a great few hours catching big Mekong Cat fish weighting up to 45 pound  (22 Kilos), also we ate plenty of Thai food and siped few cold beers.

Wonderful afternoon.