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Friday, 27 May 2011

During The Month Of May

There has been a lot going on recently. And as an end to the month having Jillian Guillard the Australian Prime Minister visit our site has got to rank up these as an important event.

We’ve moved house and sort of settled in doing all the usual things. Sorting out where to put stuff,

Bought a new Bar B Q and have checked it out several times. Prawns on the Barbi were fantastic. Tried some Kangaroo steaks. Turned out OK but Wanna was not so keen on the smell. And I had to agree it had a sort of rabbit come unpleasant smell. Difficult to explain but once you’ve had some then you would know it the next time. Roo meat is devoid of any fat. The secret is to marinate it, and next time I’ll use some herbs to offset the smell, but this time I used red wine, olive oil with some garlic and salt and pepper. So taste wise good but herbs needed for the smell. Perhaps mint would be a good one.

We’ve been up to Rockhampton (Rocki) collected our hydroponics kit and started with seedlings for numerous herbs and veggies. The seeds started to emerge over the last few days. So thats it no more going to the market we’ll live on home grown.

We did also manage to catch up with a guy called Andrew who has a small aquaponics set up in Gladstone. I’d actually come across his name while searching for fish tanks. He was moving house so wanted to sell it but we declined. All a bit to much to take on at this time. I did not take photos but now see on his web page that he is going to dispose of it.

I managed to get some Black Orchids from our work site. This was before the area was cleared. Hope they grow in our back garden.

The HMS Endevour replica visited Gladstone on a Australia wide tour this last week. Its about 98 feet long and the original had a crew of nearly 100.

Visit to mountains. Great rip into the hills. Saw a Kangaroo jumping across the road., Way to fast for us to get the camera out and take a shot. We did see some lovely horses in a small river/creek. Carys if you're reading this you would have loved the sight. We also have a lot of wild horses on Curtis Island where I work. More to follow. If I don't get this Blog back up to regular and frequent postings I'll forget what I did only a week past!!!

Monday, 9 May 2011


Went to watch my guitar teacher in her 'Rock On' band last Sudnday. Lots of people sitting around enjoying 70's type stuff. By the way she is the little one on the left side!!!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Beginning Of May

Been a busy start to May. There were loads of holidays for Easter then May the 1st. And next month we have the Queen’s Birthday. So how did this impact on work. Well, I’ve been working my way through all of this. Just went in every day but did to be honest come home earlier than normal. But with even all that ‘work’ commitment we managed an evening with Bo Jenkins, a local blues singer, a trip out to the country, some fishing and day time music. Oh yes and we have been as usual cooking, Wanna doing some good stuff and me following along with a few ‘muffins’ and soggy cakes etc. So busy time s but unfortunately a bad start. Gol’ old ‘Bo’ did not really live up to his expectations. In fact I was very disappointed. I’ve added in a small clip to this Blog for safe keeping sake rather than advertising him. Please listen as you might disagree with me. Pity about him as I had been looking forward to his arrival in Gladstone and hearing some good music. We did make up for it when listening last Sunday to my Music Teacher who was performing at the Gladstone Marine Park. Nothing special, just good ‘pop’ songs but it was fun and relaxing.

Few other things.

We met up at the main town outlook a localretired guy called Steven. Insisted having his photo taken.

Took photos at the out look post. Aulkland Point.

Attended a presentation by Anna Blythe, Queensland Premier.

Looked over a pile of Calcium Carbonate as used in toothpaste....

Picture of our appartments from Goondoon street