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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Ghana 20 New Year Drone Pics

We're in the dusty season.  Called Harmattan where the sand dust from the desert seems to suspend itself here for months.  Horrible and for me with a susceptible chest this is not so good.
Even my drone picks up the dust when flying.  I took a few shots today and yuou can see the haze.
View out over our Condo complex.  See the dust everywhere.

If interested.......Extract from Wikepedia (Abridged version)

The Harmattan is a season in the West African subcontinent, which occurs between the end of November and the middle of March. It is characterized by dry and dusty northeasterly trade wind, of the same name, which blows from the Sahara Desert over West Africa into the Gulf of Guinea.
Harmattan haze over Ho, Ghana
The air is particularly dry and desiccating when the Harmattan blows over the region. The Harmattan brings desert-like weather conditions: it lowers the humidity, dissipates cloud cover, prevents rainfall formation and sometimes creates big clouds of dust which can result in dust storms or sandstorms.
The heavy amount of dust in the air can severely limit visibility and block the sun for several days,[8]comparable to a heavy fog
Humidity drops to as low as 15%, which can result in spontaneous nosebleeds for some people.[7] Other health effects on humans may include conditions of the skin (whiteness and dryness of the skin), eyes, and respiratory system, including aggravation of asthma.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Ghana 19 New Drone

Just got a new Drone.  Last few disappeared into Condo buildings or just simply fell apart.

But this time I've got a good one.  Parrot Bebop 2 Power... Sounds good right.
Image result for parrot bebop 2 power photo
Now all I need to do is learn to fly it.  Unfortunately I also have to read the Manual.  I know RTFM  is a must.  This one is a way more expensive drone which translates in better reading of said manual before saying "Yes,  I know,  I'll be fine"  followed by BANG !!!!!!

So first tentative flight today.  Fish-eye lens but can do video and normal photos as well.  (Read that in the manual !!!!!!)

I plan to use it for work and general round and about stuff.  It has a  Return to Home mode which I can see myself using a lot. Unfortunately.......

Monday, 1 January 2018

Ghana 18 Happy New Year and Coffee.........................one day

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. We did !!!!! Flew bye. No time for Bloging....

Christmas in Seychelles and New Years eve in Ghana.Fantastic time with family and friends. I think 2018 is also going to be a good one...

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving.  I was given a fabulous gift. DIY Coffee. (Thanks Sarah).  Very thoughtful. Simple thing but will be a lot of fun to follow.  I do s somehow doubt in spite of my constant optimism that I will every get to the point of grinding my own coffee beans but heck lets give it a go.

10 Coffee seeds/beans

Lovely little kit of coffee beans, growing pot and coconut fibre grow material.

Yesterday on getting back to Ghana one of the first things I did I've opened  the box.  Instructions are clear. Soak seeds in a warm place for 24 hours.  Done that.  Hence the Blog !!! Interesting some sink and some stay floating.
Soaking the Seeds

Now all planted and sitting in a dark room.

Side of box tells me I have to wait a few months for the seeds to germinate.... that's conveniently written in small print. Wait a few months, me ?????    !!!!!!!!!!  That's for germination and another  ? years before I get me coffee beans..... So watch this spot in 2023........  Till then I'll keep you updated and write about other faster things..... I used to think watching lettuce growing was slow but this........ puts a whole new concept on the idea of slow.....

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Ghana 17 Turtles

Its turtle laying season and our beach near work is full of them.

We got a few photos, poor things every obstacle is set against them. Weather, moving beaches, dogs, humans and birds to name a few....

Went again this morning at 05.00am. Saw one turtle.

Back off to sea

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Pawpaws yes Pawpaws

Not many people know this....

For those of you who do gardening in the tropics you will know there are male and female pawpaw trees. You others do now..... !

I have over the years saved many many seeds, dried them out and replanted etc etc to grow pawpaws.  You can only begin to imaging my frustration time and time again when they grow (well that's good) only to find out that they are male trees. i.e. no fruit only flowers.

Wanna, bless her just shrugged her shouldered and said "l'll fix that".

She went off and got some bamboo sticks. Cut them into pointed pieces and then proceed to drive them into the stem near ground level. "Give them a month and they will change sex""  Done.... Thats it.  Definitely worth recording.

Not a flattering picture............ Apologies

small bamboo going into stem of Pawpaw

What we had Male.......

What we wanted.......