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"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new." Dalai Lama

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Silence Is Golden

Seems ages since I last posted. In fact it is ages. Over a month. Why I don’t know except laziness and there always seems to be tomorrow when I’ll get round to it. Also life seems to have settled down into a daily routine of work eat and sleep. Something like real ‘Ground Hog’ days.
Well tomorrow has arrived. Time to write something.
We’ve been busy socialising and going out and about for dinners etc.

Spotted an old tractor frame on our job site. Interesting to see something over 100 years old.

Managed to add in a trip to a Country Music evening which was fun. Not the usual guitar and lonesome cowboy routine but complete with a full 17 man orchestra.

Then great excitement, we bought a new tent and fishing rod. So this weekend we are off to the mountains and of course taking our Bar B Q and doing a spot of camping. The tent shown here is in our garden. We had a practice night yesterday. Still a bit cold....

What else. We bought a Toyota Corolla. Lovely little run around.

Went to the Camel racing. Yes, Gladstone has a fully fledged horse racing track. Holds about 12 meetings a year. Last one was special, an addition called camel racing. We went along but...No camel were raced. Just a few walk outs by camels and happy riders. Seemed main purpose of the day was to just have fun, i.e. copious amounts of grog and good cheer. Not sure how everyone managed to drink so much as the queue to the bar was constantly 8 persons deep along the full length of the place time!!! You had bookies so bets could be taken on all Australian races, there was even a fashion show etc so all in all everyone had a great time.

Oh yeah. Hydroponics going well.

Then and only then can I start writing again.... God I’m lazy these days. Need to improve !

Calliope Market

Great Sunday morning out and about. The day started with a couple of hot coffees and then out to Calliope Market.

Its a small craft type market selling the usual wood turning stuff, cloths, toys and various food staffs from fish and chips, through hamburgers, ice cream etc. You get the picture. Throw in a few old building and some more stalls selling ‘Tat’ and I think you get the general picture. It’s located in few fields outside of Calliope which in itself is a small place 35 kilometres inland from Gladstone with little special on offer. The market is built up around and in an historical village. That’s an imported collection of building including homesteads, old settlers homes, a lodge and even a jail. Add in an old railway station, trains and carriages and it does take on a sort of old world charm all of its own. It certainly attracts some interesting looking characters.

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