A wise man once said....

"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new." Dalai Lama

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday On The Way To Work

Have not posted much for a while and was on my way to work quietly contemplating life ! Sunday mornings are normally much quieter on the roads. Little traffic but as usual the lights were on red. You know that feeling when stuck at lights, no other traffic yet you can't move ! Annoying to say the least. Still I was in my more philosophical mood so it sort of went over the top of me so to speak. Anyway while waiting along came a trader on a "saling", (three wheeler). He was selling dusters, feather dusters on long and short poles. Idea to reach those difficult to reach places ! There he was, a chap out early on a Sunday morning out trying to make a living. Optimistic or what ?  Indeed so he must be doing OK otherwise why bother. Especially on an empty road at 8.00am on Sunday morning. Got to hand it to him, keen to say the least.  Wish him well.

Normally I take this as one of the more normal sights, a fully loaded saling complete with overhanging stock, no forward or rear vision for the driver, let alone being able to see out the side to customers..... Just another trader.

But today stuck at the traffic lights the view of all overhanging goods for sale on this little bike come mobile stall suddenly became an interesting object for a quick photo and chance to share the moment.

Where is he ?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Rayong Bike Trip

Had a really great day out on Saturday. We (Rene, O, Wanna and myself), not the Royal we decided to have a bike trip down the coast. Left Rayong around 11am and returned about 5.30pm. Covered 250 kilometers mainly off the main roads and instead followed the new scenic route along most of the way.  Rayong Road Trip 20150117

Stopped off for food. Of course. And then also made a stop at an environmental area where mangrove areas are actively being developed and sustained. Not a great deal to see in a mangrove swamp but interesting to visit once and be able to say “been there, done that…”  We’ll we've been there, done that.”

Some lovely views and a spot where people leave behind padlocks.  Bit like the bridge in Paris. (At least I think its Paris).

Rest of trip was fun but somewhat no eventful. Did catch up with a group of riders going back. About 40 of them all on big bikes.  They came roaring through and we tagged along. Made travelling on the dual carriageway so much easier with all the traffic moving out of the way. Great way to move round Thailand.

We’re planning to go to Hua Hin in a couple of weeks. Is on the west side of the Gulf of Thailand and a bit further to travel so will take a couple of days one to go and one back. This time I’ll try and few movies etc. Comments please.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Lovely New Year period. Out with 2014 and in with 2015.

I took the bike and drove up to Khon Kaen and Ban Muang to our house. Took me about 6 hours. Not to much traffic and where the cars were stacked up I managed to take the side lane and keep going. Fortunately there was no rain. 6 hours seated on a bike does give a sore backside no matter what you may think. Still it was worth it for the fun of the trip.
We had friends staying so the holiday was a chance to show them around and make us do a few things. Otherwise I think we would have sat down and used up four days planning what to do next !
That said the plan was for me to drive up and then have 4 days relaxing with Wanna and friends. Rene and O. It was their first time up with us. And the family was holding a new years eve party at Wanna’s Brothers place. Small family affair which we went along to. Lot of fun and everyone enjoyed. Music, Karaoke and some dancing. Wanna organized a raffle. Finally got some sleep around 3.00am…..

The remained of the days were spend lazing around with one night up to Pu Rua ( ภูเรือ ) for camping.  We did go into town and had the famous all you can eat steaks and salads, visited a night market and of course got in a game of pool.  Also visited an old ruin outside town. I’d been before but this time it took some finding, they had not moved it just me having a very bad memory on its location. Rene kindly forwarded me the coordinates for the next time!   Old Temple near Ban Muang
No doubt we will go again as it is an interesting place built in the 1300’s and sort of different to the usual tourist attractions.  In fact I’ve posted on this before but never mind. Always interesting to see things a second time around. Quite some amazing brick work and some of the joining is very clever and precise. Google Street View of Temple

As for the camping. We set off planning on going straight to the camp site stopping along the way to eat, have some coffees  etc. 

Well we got as far as Loei and decided on a small diversion and take in a visit to Chiang Khan.
Chiang Khan is an old town located on the Mekong River. It is a boarder town as the Mekong River is the international separation between Thailand and Laos. SO as you can imagine quite a busy little place. Lots of old wooden building and now of course full of traders selling “t” shirts ad various souvenirs of the place. WE got our compulsory “T” shirts with Chiang Khan stamped all over it…. Just all a bit to much for me. To busy for all the wrong reasons. Yes a good place to see and the river does look good. Would I go back ? Not in any hurry to do so.
So Chiang Khan got “ticked” off and then back on the road to the camp site. We eventually got there after sitting in a traffic jam for 1 hour and arrived in the dark….
It was full, in fact very over crowded to be more correct. This I suppose was to be expected, given it was the main annual holiday. But we found a big concrete area which must have at one time had a chalet on it. Seems everyone thought it was not an allowable camping spot, but we used it ! Had running water and was about 50 meters to showers and toilets etc. (No I did not use the shower. It got down to about 12oC during the night. So no way was I going to ruin my evening with cold showers).

Had a Bar B Q dinner and lovely campfire coffee in the morning. Managed to get my shadow across the stove in the morning picture ! Never mind. All in all a good time had by all.

Now its back to work and reality.