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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Rayong Bike Trip

Had a really great day out on Saturday. We (Rene, O, Wanna and myself), not the Royal we decided to have a bike trip down the coast. Left Rayong around 11am and returned about 5.30pm. Covered 250 kilometers mainly off the main roads and instead followed the new scenic route along most of the way.  Rayong Road Trip 20150117

Stopped off for food. Of course. And then also made a stop at an environmental area where mangrove areas are actively being developed and sustained. Not a great deal to see in a mangrove swamp but interesting to visit once and be able to say “been there, done that…”  We’ll we've been there, done that.”

Some lovely views and a spot where people leave behind padlocks.  Bit like the bridge in Paris. (At least I think its Paris).

Rest of trip was fun but somewhat no eventful. Did catch up with a group of riders going back. About 40 of them all on big bikes.  They came roaring through and we tagged along. Made travelling on the dual carriageway so much easier with all the traffic moving out of the way. Great way to move round Thailand.

We’re planning to go to Hua Hin in a couple of weeks. Is on the west side of the Gulf of Thailand and a bit further to travel so will take a couple of days one to go and one back. This time I’ll try and few movies etc. Comments please.

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