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My Bolt

Alan’s detailed review…  Awesome ride……..

Added  a spread sheet so I can keep track of my new bike running costs. See at bottom of page.  Meanwhile 'er in doors gets to ride it.

25th March 2015. Owned this thing about 5 months now. Finally got the number plate fixed. Removed some of the rear mudguard and positioned the plate "chopper" style at the back. Friend told me that the plate is unreadable at night, the LED lights are in his words "useless". Who cares TIT.

The official review…
Back to Basics...  A new trend is emerging in the motorcycle world, with a "back to basics" approach. Designers and custom builders are stepping back to a time when the mechanical beauty of a motorcycle was highlighted in its styling.
Introducing Bolt. Old school. New thinking. Minimalist style. Modern performance. From its slim, compact bobber-style design to its raw metal look and feel, it's everything you need. And nothing you don't. The Bot's simple styling, compact layout, V-Twin power and natural riding position combine to offer an incredibly fun riding experience.
Featuring the fuel injected, 4-valve, V-Star 950 engine, the Bolt utilizes an all new "less is more" design. Simple and compact, with a low seat height, the Bolt offers light agile handling that instills rider confidence. A new breed of "crossover", the Bolt is an interesting blend of cruiser features in a chassis that offers a more natural, upright riding position than a traditional cruiser. A "raw metal" theme highlights the engine styling, while the teardrop tank and limited bodywork showcase the Bolt's simple mechanical beauty. Its torquey engine character and easy "ride ability" will keep you grinning long after the ride has ended.
The all-new Bolt; back to basics with forward technology for quick acceleration and maneuvering through the urban maze. 

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