A wise man once said....

"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new." Dalai Lama

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Following on from Owens Saling

Seems since I wrote about Owen's 'saling' I see them everywhere. Selling everything from food to cloths to household appliances etc. So much so that I no longer take any notice. But these ones a few days back were different. Parked up outside a toursit hotel. They are specially fitted out for tourists. Note even the special little tray/basket weled on the back for placing your 'crash hat'. Clever little things. Bike costs about US$ 1,000 and the attachment about 250US$. Not bad for a family runabout.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Koh Samad

We have a great weekend away and managed to relax. Koh Samed is about 10 kilometers off the coast just east of Rayong. We took a local ferry boat and rented a small hotel room for a couple of days. Rented a bike and just did very little. Did not even take many pictures as I was feeling lazy.
As for all about the place. I am not going to repeat everything on other sites. Koh Samed The only thing to tell you is we enjoyed it. Will be going back. Soon !!!


Monday, 15 March 2010

Garden Centre

We had a quick trip to the local garden centre to buy some pots etc. Seemed to have everything. All a bit old including a disused 'pond'.

The lady serving had her daughter with her. Really cute little thing. Loved having her photo taken.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Insects, And Fishing

All in all a very good weekend. We started it off with a few beers at the house, last Friday evening. Very relaxing listening to the various wild life and night sounds. Some we could hear above our own laughter. Wanna managed to catch an insect which had been making a wonderful noise. Manged to capture a quick tape and also the sound on the video below. Amazing really to think such a little thing can make so much noise.


Saturday was spent with the morning recovering from the night before !! and an afternoon fishing at a local fishing park. Some of you may recall we were there back in January, The fish had grown somewhat as the one Wanna landed was a 'cool' 22 Kilos. Got the photos to prove it. It was a really fun time as Dad, Owen and myself have all caught one fish each. But to be honest it was not so difficult as the setting is a big lake/Pond. The staff, are great, they supply the rods, put on the bait and do the casting. All we had to do was bring them in! No easy task when they are so large and the fishing tackle is set up to make is a fun sport. Add in a relaxing seating area and good service for food and drinks and you end up with a really fabulous afternoon. And of course once caught more beers!!! For the fishermen amongst you this is a good video. For all you others.... well enough said.


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Electrics Thai Style

Saturday morning was spent in town time spend part shopping, part relaxing in a new 'smooth' coffee shop. Complete with a retro type scooter installed on a small podium. Looked good but doubt it still worked. Reminded me to some extent of a Hard Rock set up. Except the music was turned down and the coffee excellent as was the tuna sandwich. Yes I do eat the occasional 'English' type food but I did have to order a side dish of chili sauce to go with it! Would have tasted awfully flat otherwise.

But it was the view outside that really made me smile. The electric wiring. How anyone could work out which bit went where was beyond my comprehension. But it did make for an interesting coffee table discussion. As you can see from the expression on Owen's face it is all rather confusing! Or was it just the last night catching up with him?...

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Street Scenes - The Service Station

We went up to Bangkok on Saturday to check on our Condos. We had bought them 3 years ago 'off plan'. They are now, only now complete. So it is all go go go, and we are busy getting them furnished and fitted out for letting. No mean feat when I'm working all day about 150 kilometers away. So it was necessary to go up to Bangkok last Saturday to start getting it all sorted. We had purchased a load of stuff from Index. Most of it looks good in there, suits the new building etc so hopefully others (punters!!!) will agree! That trip was not the reason for this posting. Although it contributed in no small way.
The main reason for this post was to show you some colours at the local service station. When you think of road side places to stop off for a coffee/toilet etc you normally expect and get a small restaurant or major self service. Here is it lots of small places selling every conceivable dish. Wonderful and all with so much colour.
We looked in the shops selling sweets and biscuits, all packaged with an array of colours. The bamboo sticks contain 'sticky rice sweetened with jam of some other sugary substance. Delicious. Where we stopped to eat the staff were busy preparing the cutlery and chatting away nonstop. Great atmosphere.
Made the journey to Bangkok for sorting out the Condos on a Saturday worth while event.