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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Insects, And Fishing

All in all a very good weekend. We started it off with a few beers at the house, last Friday evening. Very relaxing listening to the various wild life and night sounds. Some we could hear above our own laughter. Wanna managed to catch an insect which had been making a wonderful noise. Manged to capture a quick tape and also the sound on the video below. Amazing really to think such a little thing can make so much noise.


Saturday was spent with the morning recovering from the night before !! and an afternoon fishing at a local fishing park. Some of you may recall we were there back in January, The fish had grown somewhat as the one Wanna landed was a 'cool' 22 Kilos. Got the photos to prove it. It was a really fun time as Dad, Owen and myself have all caught one fish each. But to be honest it was not so difficult as the setting is a big lake/Pond. The staff, are great, they supply the rods, put on the bait and do the casting. All we had to do was bring them in! No easy task when they are so large and the fishing tackle is set up to make is a fun sport. Add in a relaxing seating area and good service for food and drinks and you end up with a really fabulous afternoon. And of course once caught more beers!!! For the fishermen amongst you this is a good video. For all you others.... well enough said.


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