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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Street Scenes - The Service Station

We went up to Bangkok on Saturday to check on our Condos. We had bought them 3 years ago 'off plan'. They are now, only now complete. So it is all go go go, and we are busy getting them furnished and fitted out for letting. No mean feat when I'm working all day about 150 kilometers away. So it was necessary to go up to Bangkok last Saturday to start getting it all sorted. We had purchased a load of stuff from Index. Most of it looks good in there, suits the new building etc so hopefully others (punters!!!) will agree! That trip was not the reason for this posting. Although it contributed in no small way.
The main reason for this post was to show you some colours at the local service station. When you think of road side places to stop off for a coffee/toilet etc you normally expect and get a small restaurant or major self service. Here is it lots of small places selling every conceivable dish. Wonderful and all with so much colour.
We looked in the shops selling sweets and biscuits, all packaged with an array of colours. The bamboo sticks contain 'sticky rice sweetened with jam of some other sugary substance. Delicious. Where we stopped to eat the staff were busy preparing the cutlery and chatting away nonstop. Great atmosphere.
Made the journey to Bangkok for sorting out the Condos on a Saturday worth while event.
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