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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Good Food Guide - The Start.....

We decided mainly for Charlies, benifit to go out to a local restaurant and have ourselves an evening meal. I say we went out mainly for Charlies benifit as he wanted to stand by the chef and note down all the cooking techniques, ingredients etc as she made up the dishes.
Owen was helping choose the type of thai stuff they eat back home. We though this a good idea. And also it gave Charlie a better sense of being prepared before standing next to the 'Lady with the Wok'!
Howcver it was not to be so esay. Things never are inspite of all the forward planning. The lady cook had got ahead of us and already prepared the main ingredients for the evening. Chopped onions, chillies, spices etc.  It was clever on her part so that on receiving each order the dishes were completed in a matter of seconds.
Poor Charlie, he ended up with almost a fully blank receipe book! But a full stomach.

We've promised him another chance up at Khon Kaen next weekend where there will be more time and he can enjoy it much more.
The food we ordered was excellent, and by that I mean absolutely fabulous. Full range of flavours and wide selection of Thai herbs etc. I only took a few shots of us and one shot of the first food dish before the camera battery went flat. But look at the food a fabulous red chicken curry.

Great evening. Thai food seems to go from excellent to even more excellent...
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