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Monday, 11 January 2010

Weekend Fishing And Relaxing

It was Charlies Birthday on Friday and we decided to spend the time at our farm in Khon Kaen. Friday afternoon saw saw us driving up with stop on the way at Kabin Buri for a cup of coffee. Good trip up. The evening saw us enjoying ourseles with plenty of food and drink. With only one bedroom at the place Wanna and I camped out on the lawn. All very good fun. Plenty of snoring!!!! But the sunrise on the Saturday was exceptional.
Saturday was an event packed day with fishing and motorbike riding. We got Owen riding on a 'song thow' which is a locally adapted three wheeler bike. He gave us a trip round the village. This followed by a crash course in Thai cooking for Charlie at a local restaurant. Managed to have a quick look at a local golf club and also a beautful Thai house/restaurant complex. All topped off with a few beers and then back to the farm for some fishing.
Sunday saw us back to Pattaya ready for work Monday morning... Enough said.

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