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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Restaurant Down The Road

Decided on a quiet weekend and planned on doing very little. And managed it !!!!!

It was hot and sticky and threatening to rain. We have had high winds and very heavy rain all last week. So much so that at work, the access from shore to our jetty construction site was closed down for 3 days this week. Makes construction progress very slow and sitting around waiting is probably one of the worst things. For me that is a given.

Horrible conditions and in a way I find it quite depressing. I'm in the sunny tropics not the north sea coast.

I might add we were still waiting on electrical connection to our house so there was nothing much we could do in that area either. More frustration. No point buying stuff before the guys come down on Wednesday to start the refurbishment.

So Sunday arrived. Saw us both quite lethargic and we settled for a short drive along the coast to find somewhere for breakfast/lunch with teh planof returning home straight afterwards. It had been threatening rain again on my day off even as we left the Condo.

Anyway we decided to make a go of it. Off we went for a very short trip. We only went about 20 kilometers along the coast. Few people around. We found a spot. We opted for a very local shack/hut/shelter/Restaurant/Road side Cafe offering some fabulous smelling dishes. We settled on a soup of Pork and veggies with a wonderful aroma of coriander and other herbs, that was to share then we had "Hoi Tod"  Deep fried mussels with pancake wrap stirfried with fresh vegetables and water cress. Talk about tasty. One of the best dishes I've had for ages. Wanna seemed to know what all the bits were. I just sat back and enjoyed eating it all. I made a mental note to remind myself to get back into cooking once we move from the condo !!!! A silent reminder in case I have committed myself to doing the real cooking....

Anyway food was absolutely excellent. And I will be going back there again on the next rainy Sunday.

I took a few photos and then went outside and did a full 306 deg movie. Movie really to show hte surroundings.


The shop was on a side street and was in so many ways a typical Thai "spot". Nothing special. All the usual stuff. Dogs, motor bikes, houses open to the road. Everybody living on top of each other etc etc.

And I've no idea who is the guy reading the newpaper !!!!  And across the road was a shop selling Thai deserts/sweets.  Looked very colourful.

Then home for an afternoon relaxing.... Hopefully the rain stops soon. I'm beginning to get very fed up with it all.
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