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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rayong Service Industry and Bank attitude to customers

Went to the bank last evening. So what I hear you ask ?

Well for one they are open for customer service till 8.00pm. Because evening, that's the time of day that suits most customers.

You enter, and as you do, there is someone there to open the door, say welcome and ask what service you require. Once she (its always a she) understands your requirement. i.e. simple stuff, might be a deposit, withdrawal, Forex, Business finance, mortgage question etc, She listens then gives you get a "Que" ticket. You don't even have to press the machine yourself she does it all.

Each service booth has a clear display and audio announcement so easy to know when and where to go and see the appropriate person.

Well as you can expect things do get busy and you wait. Last night I waiting about 15 minutes. Plenty of seats etc so no big deal. Even have local TV on to help pass the time.

All in all just good bank service.

What is a big deal on top of all this, is seeing one of the bank staff doing the rounds with a tray of cool drinks for customers. She was doing this about once every 10 minutes. Where else are you going to get this type of service... Only in Thailand.

Oh yes and not just my bank but all of them have this service orientated approach.  :)
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