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Friday, 3 July 2015

Rayong - House Progress Status Report No 3

Its been just over a week since we had the boys arrive from Khon Kaen to clean and paint the place.

They spent the first few days sorting out water, electricity and cooking facilities.  Arrived by bus with just a few bits and pieces and got on with it. They elected to sleep up on the roof. Wonderful to see.

Been an agonising week for me also. Decisions.. Do I build a patio? Do I add in extra doors, cut walls etc. So been running round getting prices. etc. A lot of monies to go out the door............. Many good reasons to do it now. Gets it over with. No more future mess, spend funds now and its over and done with. I've even borrowed a cutting disk for the wall demolition and a wheelbarrow to cart away the rubbish.

Final decision different to my usual " just do it " but correct in this case.  Do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just add minimum items required and clean and paint up the place.  Other things can follow later in the year or next year.

Of course there were some things to do and some that have to be done. Install a new water tank on the roof, connect the water and power. First off to put a water tank on the roof you need some rope and a couple of guys... Done that..... Then followup by connecting the water pump at ground level to the mains and tank on roof. Will be adding a float control switch in next few days.

We've found a chap living about 6 doors down who is a carpenter so some door and window frame repairs will be delegated to him. All falling into place.

Next will be Internet and TV connection and we are nearly done. Sure I've forgotten a few things along the way.

And yes almost forget to mention. Local rubbish collection is everyday so building rubble etc is disappearing as fast as we produce it.

My Khon Kaen guys can do electrics and internal plumbing.  We will replace the toilets and shower heads, some tiling but not much more. Added a few power points. Most rooms only have one and its always next to the light switch. Strange I know but TIT.....

Some photos below showing rooms cleaned and being readied for painting.


Anyway Wanna let loose with an array of colours.  Beginning tot look much better.  We started on the roof and worked out way down room by room.   Work in progress.

Should finish inside paint work in a couple of days then do the outside walls and front parking area. So small movie to follow.

That's it for this update. We plan to move in on 20th July so lot to do...

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