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Friday, 17 July 2015

Ban Muang - Our Banana Field

Hardly a worthy post on its own but it does keep you up to date with our activities. And here is a good place for me to keep a record of whats going on with our farming etc and at the banana fields.
We've got a small plot about 2 Rai, (That's 3000m2 or about 1 acre.). Well till very recently the land had been sitting idle, in fact for about 5 years, and over time became overgrown with grass and weeds. We've got another 7 Rai of land also "under" weeds. That's earmarked for another project in due course. Maybe Rubber or palms. Or more Weeds!!!!!!! Time will tell.

But back to the banana fields. A few months back we decided to make use of it and planted some banana and left them to grow. About 300 of them. Since plants we've had a few light showers but not as much rain as usual so I thought the whole crop would die. However some recent showers in the last week has seen the place water logged, and everything is now up and growing at a good rate.

We've got the bananas planted in rows and in between some corn and water melons. Already we are getting water melons to eat and hopefully later in the year some corn and bananas. Something to look forward to.


Wanna asked her brother to build us a small shelter. He did a good job. Used up some old wood we have laying around and its just lovely sitting under there. The other evening we sat and relaxed with a cold beer as the sun went down.

I know not the most exciting post and I do apologise but it's good for me to record this and be able to check progress in a few months time. :)
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