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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Rayong - House Progress Status Report No 4

No so much a progress as a photo of the back wall. As you can see we have no garden. Only about 80 centimeters of land behind the wall.  This for the services and some access should some one build behind us.

Ours is the bright strong yellow coloured house on hte left handside. Interesting we can see it from our Condo !!!.  For some reason I cannot fathom the painters are leaving the horizontal concrete edging to paint later.  Also I will also be rerouting the water pipe which feeds into the house. We earlier added in a tank on the roof, which is fed from the mains via our own pump.  We added a control float switch and its all working OK. We connected in to the house by going in through the bathroom wall and plumbing into the system..Works well but needs to be tidied up as you can see....\

Our house the bright yellow one  !!!!

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