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Friday, 7 August 2015

Rayong - House Progress Status Report No 5 Final....

So where are we on all this? I'm making this my last "Rayong - House Progress Status Report".  I've included a couple of before and after photos....

After Pink Paint....

Well folks we've been at it for what sees like for ever but in reality has only been a few weeks. Last night our workers completed the painting. We took the worker to dinner and put them on a bus back home up to Khon Kaen.  They did a good job. No complaints. But its nice to get our place to ourselves and finally move in.

Dinner at home last night. Steamed mussels and Tom Yum soup. Washed down with red wine while sitting up on our roof.

Tom Yum
Chili/lemon sauce

Steamed Mussels in lemon grass
Happy Cook

I've added the view 360 Deg taken from our roof top. It shows the beach front and the river behind. Climbing up there I realised more than before we have got ourselves a beautiful spot....


Some outstanding things we would like to have done by now, but they have other commitments which seem to centre round planting their rice etc. Timing of which is of course everything. So they can do their planting come then back for a week or so, to finish off bits and pieces.

We have completed all the painting inside and out. Used yellow out the back and Pink in front. Wanna calls it pink, me I think more purple so ow she's convinced I'm colour blind!!! We decided to keep all the burglar bars. Painted white.  There is a local chap who other neighbours tell us is light fingered. He keeps coming round to say "hello" and ever asked Wanna "When are you removing the burglar bars...." bit of a give away don't you think !!!

Inside we've painted a lovely concoction of nearly every colour we could find. Very cheerful.
Whats left? I could do a list... Downstairs bathroom need to install the hand wash basin,  Add in additional electrical plugs in several rooms. And in first floor bathroom remove the old bath and tidy the room up.
Our front roof top area

Ready for the Bar B Q

Bright Stairs

One landing

Bed Rooms.. That's a king sized bed even thought it looks small !


Happy Steps

Safety Bars on Balcony

Rear Balcony

Test panel of colours.....

Front Ground Floor Wanna sorting a few things out !!!

I'm planning on making the top room on the roof my hideaway/office/studio and music room. This seems to make sense for several reasons. Its on the top so good for exercise, Won't disturb the neighbours with my music and I'll got my aquaponics on the roof close by.

Wanna is keen on using most of the roof for Bar B Q in the evenings. Lovely spot over looking the sea. We'll be adding a simple open style kitchen in due course and probably a small fridge to keep the beer cold.....

Out the front we have room for His and Hers motor bikes.....

That's it for house progress reports. We're done here....
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