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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Rayong - House Progress Status Report No 2

I'm not going to crowd my Blog with posts only about our house but now I've started posting the first a few days back I need to add a follow up.  This one started I made yesterday, and it is a record the location and developments going on. I do plan on doing some separate ones on the developments going on around us as things move so fast and have almost immediate impact on us as well as the other owners.

Well I there yesterday after work. Busy getting the water main sorted out. Good photo opportunity. These guys are quite amazing. Turn up do the job and then leave. No messing with road signs or diversions/lights etc. Just park in next house, jutting the trailer out onto the road. unload the digger and proceed with the works. This is a hole being dug on the main road. So refreshing to just get the job done. I know later we will need to add in some backfill because it is not compacted in any way except for running the digger over it. Once only on his way out !!!


It is now about 2 months sine we fist put down a deposit and later this week, maybe even as I am writing, we'll finally get water and electricity connected. Water this evening. Progress ! Been a slow process especially for Thailand where things happen almost before you think about them !!!. Anyway its happening.

The other residents.    The block where we are has about 20 house units. (I had planned to count them but ... ) The immediate couple of houses adjacent us are totally derelict and then further down the other way there is the I-Talay Guest House.  Comprising 2 units which have been converted into one big guest house with about 8 rooms. Very nicely done I might say as we had a good nose around a few weeks back ! They have even cleared up some of the beach front across from them. 

But if you do click their web page do not believe the Item No 3 on Home page. See Below

ย่านนี้เหมาะสำหรับ / This area is ideal for
  1. การเที่ยวชมทิวทัศน์ (Sightseeing Tours)
  2. การพักผ่อนริมชายหาด (Beach vacation)
  3. การออกไปลิ้มชิมรสอาหารทะเล (Taking away the taste of seafood.)

The sea food tastes very good !

Well last week they started on the two adjacent properties adding it into theirs. Same external colouring and I suspect some imaginative floor planning on the inside. Also two other of the houses along the block are being cleaned and repainted. I suspect soon 70-80% of them will be refurbished leaving the "die-hards" not bothering. These will either remain looking rubbish, or more probably (so I hope) get sold on to someone with a bit of cash and imagination who can see some potential. All good news for us as ours can only appreciate... 

Then look forward to getting the beach side cleaned up and its going to be a good spot.

Interesting to see if anyone approaches us as we start work on the facade etc to see if we want to sell.
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