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Friday, 29 May 2015

Rayong House Purchase

No we have not been sitting still. Recently bought a house on the beach in Rayong. Its got ground floor and two additional floors and a usable flat concrete roof with a  bedroom on it.  Its old, dilapidated and needs a lot of cleaning and a full repaint job. Have also been thinking about adding a first floor patio to overlook the beach. Also good spot of a permanent Bar B Q and relax area.

Yes ours is the one on the right of the newly painted yellow one.... It looks like a prison with all the security bars. Previous owner was worried about burglary. Single lady staying on her own so I can understand to some extent. Anyway we bought it. Had to spend a day in the land office to do transfers. You need to turn up in person and not just go through a lawyer. Still it gone done. Transfer tax was sorted out at same time. So one minute we were sitting the land office with a  bankers cheque and next minute we had no bankers cheque but were holding onto the original deeds tot he property.

Its 5 meters wide and about 17 meters long/deep from the road. Opposite side of the road is the beach. Lots of little fishing huts and small shops. I understand these are all due for relocation in next year or so to open up the beach to the general public. Essentially they are squatters but they have made a live for them selves and in a way it is a pity to see them get moved on. But there has been a lot of local public complaint about the mess and the rubbish they let and discharge into the sea.

Need less to say we will watch this development with interest. Things in Thailand have a way of happening or not as the case maybe depending on who really wants to get what done. TIT as we say. This is Thailand. So they might move on or they might stay for next 20 years. No one can say for sure....!!!!

A few doors down two town houses have been converted into a guest house.  Link here. Gives you a bit of an idea about the place.  Link takes you to google maps page.

I'll be doing some follow up pages as we progress. For now waiting on electricity and water connections.


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