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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

It's over a week....

It’s been over a week since I added anything to this Blog. What have I been doing you ask? Not much. Popped over to Ho Chi Minh City last weekend for a few meals and a chance to catch up with a few friends. In particular I met with my old mate, Vinh. We chatted away over several coffees and realised it was about 7 years since we last met. Time flys. I've now got grey hair and Vinh, well he's just the same. It was, I hope a successful trip in all respects, food was good and the company first class. Only time will tell how good the trrip was , and that will be tested on how well we all remain in touch.
It’s a fun place, but, I’ve now been so often that these recent trips are more about seeing people than the usual touristy stuff. This time I had a series of catch ups on the Saturday and again on the Sunday. It was all over and me back to work at Map Ta Phut, on the Monday morning before I felt I had actually been to Ho Chi Minh City, let along got back. If you follow my meaning…
As always it was hectic and it is good to be back to work and almost be in a relaxed mode.
Next weekend is Ban Muang and I hope to start my cooking videos. I did as earlier mentioned look up Issan cooking on You Tube. Not much round. However being bit slow I did not think to check Lao Cooking which of course now I’ve told you is so, so, so very obvious…. Enough of my stupidity.
So this weekend it is a tree planting session, catch up with few people and relax. And of course get down to some of the promised cooking.
The trees we bought in Pak Chong a few weeks back and we left them in their plastic pots ready to take up with us. Not sure we have that much room left to plant more trees. We’ve got so much growing already. I have however thought about digging up on of the rice fields and so making our pond bigger. The excess material can go onto our second rice field and provide another area for tree cultivation. After that, we’ve run out of land!!
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