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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It was our 6th ......

It was our 6th Wedding anniversary yesterday. Managed to fool Wanna into thinking I was playing pool and would be home late and that it was just another day at the office with nothing special going on. She was not too impressed with my approach but I did explain the need to honour commitments to my Mates etc. So having planned a surprise party I had to get it all organized and at the same time keep up the appearance. Started with my departing in the morning to work carrying my 'Chill Bar Pool Shirt' adn putting it in the back of my car. Good start. Wanna said very little. I went on my way.
Once at work I got on with checking the food arrangements with Tee. He was organizing the main food and cake! Phuk was getting a range of fresh sea food from Rayong. All sorted. Me I was responsible for the drinks and of course a small present for Wanna.
To be on the safe side I decided to ring my bank to ensure no problems with my credit card. Done. Instruction in place that my limit was increased for 24 hours. Next was a trip to Tesco/Lotus to buy the drinks. Its about 30 minutes away from my work area so in all I needed to be absent for about 2 hours. Imagine my frustration when having arrived at Tesco the drinks area is closed. They do not sell alcoholic drinks between 2pm and 5pm. What to do? I loaded up with the soft drinks, coke, orange etc and of course paper cups and plates. Next, off to buy Wanna a present. Found a suitable gold shop and after a quick inspection found what I wanted. Great, handed over the credit card, which yes you’ve guessed, got declined. To add to this I had a phone in which the prepaid card had run out. Rushed around to find a shop selling a new card, that took 20 minutes. Then phoned the bank, several times.
“Thank you for calling Abbey International, all our Customer Service Advisors are busy with other Customers and your call is important to us and we will be with you shortly. Etc etc…)"
Talk about frustration. Anyway finally got through to them amazingly it was to the same lady I had spoken to in the morning. I was not as polite as I should have been this time, and she did remind me in no uncertain terms that all calls were monitored and recorded, and for sure, not to swear at her!!! Even so, we got over that bit and I kept her on line while I went back to the shop and made for the second time, the same purchase. The card fortunatley worked. Beer, whiskey and of course ice could be bought later on the way home. Enough of shopping, for now I needed to get back to work.
I understand that not long after I left the house in the morning and went to work, Wanna rang her friend Oyi to have a get together.’ Poor Wanna ringing Oyi only to be told 'Sorry cannot make it this morning’…. All part of the plan of deception... Then we organized Khun Nuan and they both went into town for the afternoon. They then ended up at Khun Nuan's house in the afternoon and settled into having a few beers. I turned up at about 6.30 for a quick 'hello' before I went off to play pool! Poor Wanna, she told me she had bought some pork and would do me a stir fry when I got home later in the evening.
Sure, sounded good to me. I left them both, only to come straight back. saying 'my driver had left me ‘. I needed to get a lift from Keith our Pool Captain. He is to pick me up at the Terrace Bar. So we stopped off and went into the Terrace Bar for a beer while I waited for Keith to turn up. Needless to say there was no Keith! And I watched as several friends passed on up the estate to our house. Wanna was oblivious to all this, Just trying to put on a brave face to the evening. I supported all her with all her hard comments on her friends not being around when she needed them etc etc. In a way very good fun. (for me!!!!)
I then made a call 'to Keith' asking "where the hell was he as I was waiting". Then I explained to Wanna I needed to use the pickup as ‘Keith’ had let me down on the offer of a lift. I’d called him in front of her as she had just heard; well actually I called another friend ‘Tee’ who was at our house organizing the whole thing. Tee confirmed everything was in place. So having had what was clearly a strange phone call and informing Wanna that Keith had let me down we went home. Everything organised.


The house was in darkness and Wanna was resigned to just going home. Nuan had said she would join her later…We walked in.
Surprise, the lights came on and she saw everyone. Absolute disbelief. Started crying…
What a really good evening. Videos and photos. It was even more special as Wanna had absolutely no idea of the arrangements and had been lamenting her luck and how her friends had not supported her etc etc!!! Me, I was so happy for all the support and kindness of all concerned. Great Friends. Worked out so very well. Thank you Guys, you were amazing.
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