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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Issan Cooking

At last I've settled on a theme for a few videos. "Issan Cooking and foods".


Issan food, in which sticky rice (Thai: ข้าวเหนียว, khao niao) and chilles are prominent, is sufficiently distinct from Thai cuisine that it is considered unique. Hence the Ttopic.
There are not many videos on Utube covering this topic and a search of the web reveals there is no comprehensive collection. Just a few short web entries. So a chance to shine...
Back in 2004 we had a Sunday where we visited a market and then tried to do a short 'slide' show of our attempt at buying food stuffs and making a couple of dishes. This time I intend to be a bit more professional. Just got to sort out the video recording so I do not keep getting cut in 2!


So whoever is reading this please give me some feed back. Let me know what foods you want to see cooked.
Sticky Rice,
Som Tam
Green curry,
Bamboo curry
Ants eggs,
to mention just a few. Thanks.
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