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Friday, 21 August 2009

Bangkok Dangerous....

Its been a long busy week where time seems to have finally reached Friday afternoon. This week I've not had anytime to get started on my cooking videos. But, the good news is I received some comments on my earlier posting requesting feed back and advice on my videos and style etc. Much appreciated. Thanks in particular go to "Camden" Graham for some very constructive comments (http://www.camdenmarket.co.uk/).
So without to much self criticism and analysis, I am going to move on and make a much more concerted effort to produce videos in a more exciting and fun format both for me to enjoy in the making and more importantly for you watch. 'Maybe', well not maybe, but for absolute sure the content also need some major improvement.
So new video opportunities. Where? When? How? And imporatantly to start being more creative?
Lets start with a weekend in Bangkok Dangerous...Nicholas Cage in his film made it all look so good and dangerous. I need to do the same...So... planning....
Background. Sarah and Genevieve came over from Seychelles for a week and tonight we start a weekend in Bangkok. Way to go!!! Should be fun. Lots of video opportunities not just of them but location, location, and more locations.
Planning doing lots but am not so sure the 'old man' is up to it. Just have to keep the video rolling.
Locations and Timings.
Tonight we have planned a trip to a local night market and jazz club either Brown Sugar or Saxophone. Decisions that will only be concluded during the course of the evening.
Tomorrow day time, its the Royal Palace and Jim Thompson's house. Both on the list of must sees....well for some people. Sure there will be some shopping thrown in as well.
Tomorrow night time surely following on from last night with music somewhere... So far discos in Soi 22 have been mentioned to be followed by a visit to a jazz club, that's all on for tomorrow. Venues yet to be advised/announced. (Don't forget video and more video, I need quality not quantity.. I know!!!)
Sunday morning is Chatuckat Market followed by catching up with Friends. Then, and only if I have been lucky enough to have survived that, I'll crash out early in the evening...
Need some energy to be ready for the weekly Monday evening pool league.
So if interested in our weekend watch this spot and please please comment. I know what your thinking? What is this stupid, funny, fluffy animal picture all about. Answer ... Nothing. But the fact that you asked means you read this far. And if you managed such a feat then write/comment to me...
Finished Product. Videos and photos to follow. Watch this space.
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