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Monday, 24 August 2009

Pornudom herbs

Had a quick visit to a small ‘farm’ come ‘Nursery' located about 25 kilometers south of Pattaya. Pornudom herbs http://www.pornudomherbs.com/ (All Thai Web site). In fact I pass it every day to work but only today did I finally make a visit. My colleague Tawatcahi and I took some time out to pay a short visit and have a look round. Tawatchai had been before. It’s a small set up comprising 10 Rai, about 3 acres of land where he grows orchids and also rice in flower pots. The rice is growing well but I cannot imagine it being anywhere near commercial. There much be some benifit to the orchades and rice growing together. Even if it is just to attract visitors like myself! He showed us round which took about 10 minutes, that was leaving out the walk round the forest area where he keeps wild chickens. I think I was most impressed with the tranquility and sense of peace which seemed to prevail. He explained that 2 years ago he had bought 500 Baht worth of Orchids. Since then he has produced about 5,000 additional plants. Quite a good result! All in a nice peaceful environment. MAybe thats what helps the plants grow?
He also showed us his hand driven rice milling machine. Clever thing used a lot about 20 years ago by Thai farmers.
Also of particular interest to me was the papaya grafting which seemed successful. Never though about doing it before but it clearly is possible and effective.
This trip out was followed by us having to return to work. Not before having a quick lunch in a local road side restaurant. Really delicious food. Stir fried mixtures using lots of ginger and herbs mixed with a choice of Ostrich, pork or Deer meat!!!! Delicious.
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