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Monday, 3 August 2009

Ban Muang Weekend

Had another weekend in Ban Muang. Really enjoy getting away from everything down here in Pattaya and on the work site. Need however to be back for the pool game on Monday evenings!
Went up Friday evening on the over night bus. We then then took a "Tuk Tuk' to the village.
We relaxed and caught up with Steve and Mod. Had a bit to eat at the local restaurant. Watched the cooking and as usual was impressed at the simplicity of the styles which always produce such wonderful tastes. Need to keep well back during the fry up for risk of getting chocked with chilli fumes!!!
We then went back into Khon kaen on the Sunday morning and generally lazed around. Of course we had to check out Steve's cucumbers...Hes done quite a good job but seems to have a problem with some sort of quick wilt. Not sure what it is. The plants are doing fine then within two house can be dead. Very strange.
I did manage to get some good videos of people working on rice planting. Including a little girl making "Som Tam" on the road side. But I've decided to keep the video footage out of this post and leave you with the only the photos. I'll save the footage for a background on my new video project. More of that in a minute.
We also bought some fish and prawns to add to the pond. The fish are small and are being reared in a floating net with the idea to see how they do and if it is easy enough to manage from a distance. Again a separate video on this!!!
I mentioned videos. I've decided to do a series of videos on Issan Cooking. There are numerous books and videos on food. Gordon Ramsey to name just one!!! Why not Alan does Issan. Sticky rice, Som Tam, LAp etc etc. The list is endless. Not sure my patience or creative film making skills will do it all justice. We'll just have to wait and see.
All very tiring just thinking about it....
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