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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Fish Farming

Along with the plan to do some food videos we have also been busy setting up our pond and stocking it with fish. A few years back we made a pond about 40 meters square and 4 meters deep. The area was a rice paddy similar to the surrounding fields. In fact the excavated material was placed to one side and is where we later built our house. All very efficient.Well time has moved on and we have now completed the building of a small house and, slowly over the period also stocked the pond with hundreds of fish, mainly cat fish and white snapper. I was never too keen on eating river fish. Always though they had a sort of muddy taste, especially back in Uk where we often had the chance to eat trout. My opinion has changed of late, due mainly to the way they prepared the fish for cooking up here in Ban Muang. (will be included the Issan fish cooking in one of my Cooking Videos be warned !!!!)
Anyway, here on my Blog I wanted to share our first efforts at fish farming. I’ve prepared a short video and will in the next few months be adding some more photos and technical updates. Not sure I’ll have enough information to make a real assessment on food to growth ratios of the fish but I’ll try.
We bought approximately 100 starters weighting at 1500 grams that’s 15 grams each. Will be feeding them over the next 6-8 weeks and then doing some weighting as they are lifted out. Already unfortunately 10 have died. So approximately 90 left and all with a good chance to grow. Then of course get eaten!!! Cycle of life etc.


Its all good fun and indeed I might even learn something from it. Doubt however that I will go into commercial fishing as that really is for the experts. Join me in afew weeks to try out the fish!! Bar B Q will be ready and waiting.

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