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Monday, 18 January 2016

Boats and Bikes

I was sorting out a few old photos on my phone and its amazing how you take pictures and forget about them all. Brings back some memories of recent trips etc. I found a couple of snaps of a fishing boat.  Looking at it coming in to port the other day I was glad I had not been on it.

Sailing yachts is one thing, but to be stuck on a Thai fishing boat for days/weeks/months at a time would be a night mare.  They do not look comfortable bouncing around, also look dirty and unkempt. Certainly lack any TLC !!

As an aside they seem to produce enough fumes to keep CO2 levels high for a long time into the future.

I can't speak with 1st hand knowledge on these boats having only observed from afar. So shut me up of you want !  Well I've been near enough!  I suspect the living quarters are also cramped.  I remember years ago going on a long liner in Seychelles I think it was an old Korean boat.  The bunks were about 5 foot 6 inches long so as a Westerner your could not stretch out in full.  Everything seems a little small !

But the contrast here on land.  Having dismissed the fishing boats as a non preferred mode of transport, I spotted a few choppers parked up on the main beach road. Some guys out for a ride.  All seemed to be old modified 4 cylinder Honda engines strapped onto home made frames. Now they looked like fun for a ride ! But like the fishing boats not for days/weeks/months.  Get a very sore backside after only a few hours !

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