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Monday, 11 January 2016

Koh Samed

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Just had a  weekend away on Koh Samed.  It's a small holiday island  about 20 kilometers down the coast. Ideal for a quick get away.  Only down side is everyone else had the same idea.... It was packed. All the guest houses were fully booked.  I am used to beaches where you get lots of space and little chance to be constantly pestered to buy stuff.  But there is something very nice about walking along and being offered a deckchair and shade. Very easy just to stop and anchor up !! No sooner have you sat down then someone or in fact many "ones" will be offering fruits, salads, fried prawns etc etc and of course cold beers, so all in all very difficult to complain.

We had a great time.  Sitting round and doing absolutely nothing.  Well I did for the first time in ages get some guitar lessons and really enjoyed it.  I'd met a guy called Greg and his wife Miranda, who were over on holiday. He is a very talented guitar player. He reignited my interest as recently I had begun to loose faith in the whole idea of me playing a decent song. So a very big "Thanks",  Greg. I'll continue to persevere. They joined us for dinner and he put on quite a performance getting us all j.umping up and down in our seats.

While there we noticed a fishing boat had been damaged and drifted ashore. But sitting watching it all seems a bit surreal.  Soon was dismantled and taken away.

Very good weekend.
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