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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Rayong House The Beach Part I

Now we have a ground floor view including our truck !!!!!  Must move it.

Nicely cleaned up. Later put in some coconut trees.

When we bought our Rayong House back in mid 2015 our view at ground level was onto the main road and opposite to beach shacks and small shops blocking the view to the sea. We are literally 25 meters from the sea and could not see it from our ground floor. Frustrating indeed !

From our roof top the view was lovely.  Straight over the tops of these shacks, and having to look down to spot the road. We could "watching the ships roll in and I watch them roll away again" (Marvyn Gaye  !! ). Lovely seeing the small fishing boats go by. Sitting up on the roof top is great both in the day time and evenings when the sun was  going down. Always something to see.

Our next door neightbours mention last July that all these huts would be gone by end of Jan 2016. Yeah, yeah, I thought  This is Thailand. Nothing will change  and certainly now moving people on from free dwellings to "nowhere".  So "dream on" was my silent reply to him.

Then yesterday Wanna sent me some photos showing me the army telling the hut dwellers, all to move. The army were equipped with trucks and front end loaded.  They demolish one house, which in fairness to my reporting had been stripped bear a few days earlier.  Gone. Left it looking a bit scruffy but maybe thats a good thing. Should stop more people moving in to the new cleared space.... Now we wait till we seen the rest go.

It s sad for them, but great for us to have a sea view from the ground floor window.  Better breeze through the place as well.  Will let you know when the rest are going.....

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