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Monday, 4 January 2016

2016 New Year in Ban Muang

I had been to UK over Christmas to see Dad, Gulshen and Vivi.  Quick visit arrived in UK on 23rd Dec and back in Thailand on 29th. Tired?  Sure was....

Anyway went to work on 30th and off we started again in an effort to close out 2015..... So we decided to go up to Ban Muang for New Years Eve. A sort of get away from it all for a few days.

On the way up we stopped in a road side restaurant for some food.  Amazing seat made from some reinforcement steel and an old cutting disc, small and a bit sharp on the edges for sitting !  Well worth a photo.  Very clever.

Got home. Garden looked great. Had our first Jack Fruit starting on the tree next to the Bar B Q.  Great excitement. Seems to have taken years of waiting on this to happen. Checked the banana fields, all good, sorted out the irrigation in the pond, and had a frog visit us in the kitchen.

Pond irrigation considered a success.
Jack Fruit finally after all these years of waiting.

Had a quiet New Years eve.  Went into town and looked around the night market. Had a street meal of stir fry and noodles etc. Nothing special. Then on hte way home stopped by Wanna's sister for an hour to say Happy New Year. They were busy celebrating and the karaoke was on, as expected. Normally we spend New Year with friends who join in with us so this time was a bit strange but a very enjoyable change.

New Year Sunrise 2016

New years evening saw us having a quite Bar B Q.


Then on 2nd Jan we went up to Udon to visit some friends and their family.  One guy Greg, was an expert Guitarist.  So great afternoon had by all singing and generally making merry !!!



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