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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Had a very lazy Sunday afternoon.  Stayed home only to "pop" out for lunch. Actually the reason we  went out was to buy a new tank for our  Crayfish.

But in any event we stopped of at a local restaurant.  Usual good choices and service. Some food was already cooked and you could just choose by pointing.  Others were made up while you wait.
Actually this place is quite famous in the area and have a coffee shop, snackbar for takeways, biscuits etc and excellent food.  A But as I've been slow in posting so to have I been slow in taking enough photos. In this case I have nearly finished  my meal before I snapped a couple of shots. But trust me it was good.  I think you can even feel the chilies heat through the computer...!!!

I had rice with two dishes. One Panang curry and the other a pork in sauce.  Wanna had grilled fish. Very like a mackerel and rice and various salads. Also complimentary there were an assortment of veggies and sauces and even some purple flowers.  Ice and water provided.  As you can see all in a very clear open environment.  All up cost Baht 105.  That's 2 pounds !!!!!

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