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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Retirement Part 1

Just renamed this post.  Seem to be getting all numerical these days. Hope thats not a bad sign.....

Quite amazing I retired on 31st May.  Went back to office on 2nd June to meet a few guys.  Then on the Friday moved from Rayong up to Ban Muang. Played a little music, had a lot of visitors and before I know it the 16th of June has arrived... Not a special day but the first when I have had time to sit down and write anything.. Retired so should have no excuse!

Everybody and I mean everybody told me "When you retire you will wonder how you had time to go to work..." (Charlie, Owen take note as you both told me this thousands of times...!)

It seems to be true but not in the way I had expected. I do not seem to have managed to sit and relax.  I, when I was still working had visions of a structured retirement with the days starting early with coffee while reading and following up with emails and the world news etc. Then an hour or two with aquaponic gardening, guitar practice, get into a routing as it were. So 16 days into this I have done next to nothing in these areas, let alone establish any routine.  I still need to get the old equipment out of storage for the aquaponics, and we have a music "jam" scheduled for 9th July in a local studio where I need to be up to speed with a couple of songs.... So much to do and so little time.

Eating, drinking and socialising have taken up 99% of my time and the remaining 1% I've wasted !!!
Is this how retirement works ?

Any comments, useful advice or suggestions very much appreciated :)

Will update in a few days when (if.....) I have time to post.
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