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Monday, 22 December 2014

Rayong Quick Lunch...........................Meal for 2.

Popped out for a quick Lunch. Small restaurant on our street. Clean, simple and friendly.
Had some Nam Tok Moo, Cucumber Salad and rice. Followed up with an ice cream.  Excellent. 

Nam Tok Moo is thin slices of cooked pork which is then reheated very quickly with several herbs and spices. Main ingredients are mint and coriander.  (At least I think that's what is in it.... :)
The cucumber salad is a take on the famous Thai "Som Tam" (Papaya salad, famous for being very hot). Cucumber salads also the same coming in various stages of hot to unbelievably hot. This one was just right. Saying that I cannot tell you where that fits on the scale hot to very hot !

Cucumber Salad,
Side dish of salad (cabbage and greens)
Boiled rice
Sticky rice
2 ice creams
Water and ice 
Total GBP 4.00. 

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