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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Khon Kaen Restaurant

My last post was all about global warming. Well more about Oysters growing on lumps of concrete.
Was in Khon Kaen last weekend and stopped off in a small restaurant. A typical one, one of the thousands you see and pass along the road sides. This one was selling southern food. One of my favourite types of Thai foods. Southern food has a distinctive set of tastes with lots of hot curries more Malay/Indian in flavor and containing fish and mussels etc. The salads are also a bit different. Not sure how to describe “different” when it comes to salads. Ernest Hemmingway was the only author whom I’ve read who actually described the taste of something. Buts that’s just my opinion. Maybe I was eating salad as I read his book !
The restaurant also featured a spit roast for chickens. I took quite a few photos on the phone so I could select a few to add here. Well I had had a great meal and I think we shared about 5 dishes between us. Good indication that things tasted good. There were another couple in there as well. TV on and everything!The pictures tend to show a somewhat scruffy place. Don’t be fooled the food was great and no adverse reactions. I’ll be going back there again. In fact I think this was our 3rd of 4th visit in the last 12 months.

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