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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Little things for little minds

Bought myself a quadcopter a few months back. Needless to say it crashed on several occasions. Finally ended up meeting the main wall of the condo opposite ours. Rene a friend bought me another one. He also got one so it was a bit of competition to get them up and running properly. He is by far better then me, had his doing somersaults etc within minutes. Me again a bit slow on the uptake with it.

But the technology is amazing. Think about it. 4 small motors running propellers and an electronic self leveling system, all remote control. You can trim the thing to remain horizontal and go in all directions, up down, front back and sideways as well as rolling it around in any direction of a sphere. All for GBP50. When I look back on my childhood these would have been unthinkable toys. The technology is amazing.
Oh yes and it carries a small video camera. Its either on or off full time in flight so not so sophisticated. But what do you expect for GBP50.

I did do a couple of flights which I wanted to video but kept crashing.... Not a good start but start I must somewhere into the world of Quadcopters...

Enough for this Blog post, I'm off to play. Well not play, practice. :)

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