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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Rayong Big M Coffee Shop

Would you believe Rayong hosts a coffee shop that is 1950's/1960's retro. Not sure which as that was before my time!! But its decked out in Coca Cola and Pepsi memorabilia. Even a collection of old Vespa scooters parked outside next toa London Phone Booth..... Loads for odds and ends.
Does good coffee and excellent cakes. Has WiFi of course and several sort of airconned lounge areas to sit around and relax. Very cool.
In fact coffee shops in Thailand are becoming more and more common. I remember when I first came over here in the late 1970's the only coffee available was the local sold on the street or in a hotel. Not much of a choice. Now spoilt for choice.

Oh yes. Forgot to mention. Coffee is about GBP 1.00.

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