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Monday, 7 December 2009

Pattaya Floating Market.

Had a very pleasent and interesting trip round the floating market at Pattaya. Also know as the four regions market.  That's because it is set up to provide a sample of all the different cultures and foods etc the four main Thai regions; and it manages to achieve just that. Not tacky and not too touristy.

Its located just south of Pattaya and was built in 2008. So its a relatively new place to visit.  It really is a great place to spend an afternoon even if you are not a shopper type. There are eateries of every description selling every type of Thai food and local coffees and teas. Various shops selling crafts and of course being a floating market there are numerous boats drifting around selling various food stuffs. It really is quite something. I'm finding it difficult to convey the place in writing and can only suggest you visit!!!!

We took my Mother who is out visitng with us and we all enjoyed it very very much. She wants to go back again.

I took a few shots but really could not do it any justice. It is the sort of place you could go back to, again and again to take photos and still need to return for that one last photo. So I am afraid this time, whatever I write in my Blog entry it does not do it justice. However as I keep repeating we enjoyed it, which is the main purpose of the trip.

It does have an official site  pattaya floating market

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