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"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new." Dalai Lama

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Daily Grind

Can't say I've been doing nothing, ut can say I've not bothered writing any posts. s apologies. As I mentioned earlier we have got my Mother over visiting and being with her plus time spend going to work means the days have flown by. Thats no excuse and I'll be getign back on trach this week.
What has kept us so busy...? Well travelling, shopping, sight seeing, work, sitting round at home and of course in our spare time doing absolutely nothing!
Last weekend saw us up in Khon Kaen where normally I take a few photos. It really is a photographers dreamland. So much colour and such different sights to see. However, and I do not know why, but my camera stayed in its pouch and we got back to Pattaya 'photoless'.
Monday was back at work followed by the usual pool evening. We lost.  Again. Getting to be a bad habit, one which we must change.
Last night saw us out again for dinner with friends. Great fun but again no photos. Again more and more food! SUper fried fish, steamed fish adn various salads and freid rice. I'll start very soon looking like my Blog title....
Anyway back to events. Which is where I started this rambling Post. I was thinking that today to add to this Blog I would go into the local town and take a few snaps of  the market and general street life. Nothing special, it really was intended to be almost a space filler for my Bolg. (I don't like leaving new postings to far apart....) So I planned ot go into town after lunch. No chance today at work things were manic and it is now time to hit the road home.  Back no doubt, to yet another busy evening.... Must take a few snaps tonight whatever we are doing!!!! Promise.... Always assuming I'm not to busy...

However and fortunately I suppose, I had earlier on the way into work catched sight of a group of school kids on their way to school. The little pick up/bus was packed to the limit. Did not seem to bother anyone as they carried on past us.
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