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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010

We had no plans for any big do at the end of the year. In fact I had rather hoped every one had forgotten about the whole thing and we could have an early night and let it pass. But that never seems to be the way these things work out.
In fact it turned out to be a really great evening. We decided at the last moment to have a small party. About 20 of us in all including our house guests.. Those were Owen, Charlie Lynnie Ian and Thia. So already we had enough numbers to have the makings of a good party. So no choice but to go for it.
Charlie, Owen and  I did the 'Tesco' trip to stock up with beer, gin, tonics etc not forgetting of course the plastic plates, cutlery etc.
Wanna meanwhile was far more clever. She organised the cold box for ice, extra chairs and best of all for a roasted pig on a spit to be delivered. That was it the evening was organised.

All that was needed in addition to the above was a few more friends and we were off.  And they were planning on turning upa round 7.30pm.
I might add that the roast pig seller told us he had sold 53 such pigs for this evening!  Thats a good business by any standards.

The pig arrived already laid out on the spit and was half cooked with the charcoal still hot !  Way to go... The seller also organised as part of the deal for a young lad to remain and cook it cut it all up into small sizes ready to go with our potatoes and salads all to be washed down with a couple of very cold beers. See below as pictures tell a thousand words.
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