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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Land Registry

Every year I try and set myself targets. Not silly new year resolutions but 'things'. Learn a computer software etc.

This year one of the aims was to complete the transfer of ownership of our new Condo in Bangkok. I know it happens when it hapens but it is long overdue as scheduled completion was Jul;y 2009,  and now fortunately they are completed. It was supposed to be a simple thing taking over ownership.

Saturday last weekend saw us in Bangkok at the Condo offices. Signed numerous papers and were told all was OK to proced with the formal registration with teh Government Department of Lands this Tuesday. It was to be a quick 5 minute job. Well it took all day. A long day starting with a few more signing wiht ouir bank and then the Department of Lands. It was all completed at 4.30pm....Real headache but now over. So 2009 has ended on a satisfactory note. I've added a couple of photos of their offices. As you can see they are the same as any Government offices world wide!
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