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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Toilets "R" Us

This post is about a toilet. Yes, a toilet. I’ve included a picture of a toilet door. I know, you're asking, why take a picture of a toilet door? Look at it closely…First I apologise as its a poor quality photo, I had rushed in and wanted to be quick, one click and out again and secondly again you ask why take it anyway? Can you imagine being caught taking pictures of toilet doors? I’d never live it down. So why do it?

Anyway back to the toilet. And it’s still a very good question.

Well it’s like this…. There's a restaurant in Map Ta Phut, where we often go for lunch and it has a small set of toilets for Clients. On several visits I have made use of these facilities. It’s so small in fact that the WC doors cannot fully open and close!! Requires some maneuvering to get in and out I can assure you.

So here in Thailand and in true Thai style the owners have dealt with this problem. The problem has been analyzed and simplified to find the best solution. Which is.... Either the rooms to small, increase size, not a real option, or the doors to big, and a smaller door is also not an option as it will not fit properly or the toilet bowl needs moving which seems the most 'doable'.

Having made this assessment they, the owners decided to make the decision and just “dealt with it:!! How you ask? Simple By cutting a section of door to enable it to pass over the toilet pan. Weird or just plain clever?... Now you know why we say 'T I T' This is Thailalnd!

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