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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Off Road Car Racing


Yesterday after work we went for lunch down by the beach. Almost every time I turn a corner in Thailand I seem to come across something new. A few years back it was a motor cycle off road competition with kids of 8 years old upwards all doing flying stunts etc and now here was a high rider Cherokee Jeep. Seems so out of place parked along the beach front next to rows of restaurants. Next to it, I noticed, were a couple of other off road type cars and trucks. Took a couple of shots then headed back to the restaurant.
Amazing…when sitting and eating, I took a quick glance up at the TV in the back. Wow, we discovered there was an off road car race going about 300 meters away. Can you believe it was being broadcast live in the restaurant where we were eating!!?
Needless to say we went to have a look. Some fantastic vehicles. All appeared to be locally built with extra strong suspension and rugged but basic air filters etc. Not sure what all the other bits and pieces did. They raced around a rough track two cars at a time. Seemed to me it was a whole lot of timed events to decide a winner. Must have been about 2000-3000 people wandering about. I tried a couple of close shots and got covered in dust as did the camcorder. See the end of this movie. I got as close as I could.


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