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Friday, 1 May 2009

The Coconut ... Part 1

Not real grass just the stuff that grows on the ground. Anyway I don't smoke. The revetment has just been grassed to prevent errosion during the rainy sseason. It whole area is reclaimed with sea bed material and so is of high salt content. This is of course, being washed out by the rain etc and during the dry season the grass is watered and fertalized on a daily basis.
We added this morning a young germinating coconut we had picked up on the way to work, and placed at the toe of the revetment. Already there are signs of additional plants growing in the grass, including a few flowers, no doubt seeded by bird droppings, and also we noted a couple of pineapple suckers. How they arrived I've no idea. They certainly did not come from bird dropping, too painful for sure!! We decided to add our bit. So it will be intersting to see how our coconut tree develops. I know, exciting, so watch this spot again in 6 months for an update!!!!

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